Farmland Preservation

Logan SWCD actively supports the Logan County Land Trust in their effort to preseve farmland for future generations.  Easement purchases and Agricultural Security Areas are some of the tools available to accomplish landowner goals.  Visit the Ohio Department of Agriculture to learn more about these programs or contact Logan SWCD for more information. Logan County Land Trust is a local sponsor.  Logan County's Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program applications must be submitted by the Logan County Land Trust.  Applications are submitted electronically.  Visit the Logan County Land Trust website for more information.
Ohio's Preservation Tools

Clean Ohio Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP)
   The Clean Ohio LAEPP provides funding to farmland owners for placing an agricultural easement on their property which will ensure the land remains in agriculture.  Monies are issued for up to 75 percent of the points-based appraised value of a farm's development rights.  A payment cap is set at $2,000 per acre, with a maximum of $500,000 per farm.  All easement transactions are recorded on the property deed and transfer with the land to successive owners. 

Ohio Agriculture Easement Donation Program (AEDP)
   The AEDP is a tool for landowners to protect their farm's soils, natural resource features, and scenic open space.  Under the AEDP program, landowners have the opportunity to donate easement rights on viable farmland to the Ohio Department of Agricutlure.  ODA assures the land remains in agricultural use forever.  There are no stewardship fees or costs to the farmland owner for donating the easement to ODA.  All easement transactions are permanent, recorded on the property deed and will transfer with the land to successive owners.

Ohio Agricultural Security Area (ASA Program
   The ASA program is a tool that promotes agricutural retention by creating special areas in which agriculture is encouraged and protected.  ASAs provide certain benefits to farmers, including protection from non-agricultural development, a critical mass of land to help keep farming viable, and possible tax benefits for investing in new real-apicultural property.  The ASA program authorizes one or more landowners, with at least 500 acres of contiguous farmland, to request enrollment into an ASA for a 10 year period from the board of county commissioenrs and township trustees.  Land enrolled in an ASA must be with a county's agricultural district.